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Gorgeous family, huh??  Great color/outfit coordination and a gorgeous fall day!!

These are kids to one my great friends!  This was a mini session that turned in to pure fun!

This session was so fun (Yes, the BEST age to photograph is 6 months!)…I love that you can see how much they adore their little girl!  So glad they agreed to let their daughter nap late and meet me for an 8pm summer evening session!  Just the best!


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Aside from any newborn shoot, this little just-about-to-turn-2-year-old kept us on our toes!  He was so clever & wasn’t
falling for any tricks! ;)   I couldn’t believe I even had one with eye contact when I got home! :)


I was loving the weather in early September, and decided to offer free sessions b/c I wanted to shoot every day!  This momma was due about 2-3 weeks later and my mouth hit the floor!  She only looked 30-32 weeks pregnant and was truly glowing (it wasn’t all the sun ;) )!  Such a fun evening!  They brought a long their little dog too!



Isn’t she gorgeous?!

..& my fave!  Who doesn’t LOVE gorgeous yummy light?!

This family is so special to me!  Heather was one of my first non-relative/friend clients!  I did her maternity session in 2008 when she was pregnant with this beautiful girl & now she’s almost three!  I love that they return to me faithfully & Heather is always spreading the word about MBS!  Grace has always been a tough cookie, but age has definitely helped her inner model!  She is usually so hard to catch eye contract from.  She came ready to shoot & was such a fun poser!


This is what being a toddler is ALL about!!

I think EVERY ONE should hire someone to take pictures at their kids parties!  You get to be in the pictures (you may not like it now, but years from now you’ll treasure it!) & you get to JUST enjoy the party!  Also, you’ll get more pictures than you would have “gotten around to taking!”  My friend Michelle from Casual Camera Photography took on my daughter’s 2nd birthday party!  It was fun to take some myself, have her take some, and not have to deal with editing them! :)

My baby girl, Sydney, turned TWO on August 4th!  We celebrated her birthday the weekend before!  And yes, as you can see we got AMAZING pictures, b/c I planned the party all around the time of day with GREAT light! :)
This should have ended up being a Tangled/Rapunzel party b/c in May/June she decided to become only in to “Punzel” but I had already started the Minnie Mouse theme because when she was 17-18 months she was in to Caillou and Minnie Mouse.  You see which one makes for a cuter party of the two!  That, and her brother had a Mickey Mouse party for his 2nd birthday! :)

HUGE shout out to Brittanie (cupcakeskissesncrumbs.blogspot.com) for the food!  We brainstormed ideas on food, and she created it all!  All I did was the fun paper decos!

Food :)

I have cute friends with cute kids!

The splash pad was soo fun!  Wish it hadn’t been so far from the party!

2 years running now with CUTE birthday cake pictures! (*THANKS MICHELLE!*)  & her annual hat! Love!




Gift time

me :)

this girl puts the color inside of my world